Ring Resized

Valerie wearing ring

Although I tried to get the ring to be the right size, I was pretty much way off. Serves me right for trying to measure using yarn. And the ring of hers I was trying to measure is one of those three intertwined rings in one…pretty tricky stuff! At least it was too big, so she was still able to put it on her finger.
Anyways, the warranty I purchased the ring with allows for it to be resized at no additional cost. So, soon after I gave Val the ring, she had to part with it. I joked that we’re un-engaged until she gets it back.

Great news though! The ring is back! It now fits her much better. Although, she’s contemplating if it should be tighter. She doesn’t want it to fall off. But, I don’t think she’s ready to part with it again yet.