Everglades National Park: Shark Valley

Shark Valley Sign

As promised, I’m making a separate entry for our trip to the Everglades. On Thursday we went to Shark Valley, part of the Everglades National Park.

Ian and Val at Everglades

It was pretty crazy, and cool to be able to say I’ve been to the Everglades. I really wasn’t sure what it would be like.

Some of it was just wide open space. Almost looked like we were on an African safari.

Emily and Val at Everglades


Ian and Val at Everglades

Some parts had boardwalk-type paths.

Dad and Val at Everglades

Some parts were shady with much foliage.

Val at Everglades

While there, as you can imagine, we saw all sorts of animals.

A crazy bird:

Bird At Everglades

Many turkey vultures.

We found a turtle that looked like a WWI army helmet.

Turtle at Everglades

The little lizards were cute (not that I’d get too close).

Little lizard at Everglades

But, I was pretty scared about the aligators. I had no choice, but to walk past many of them. We probably saw at least a dozen different ones, with nothing between them and me. I looked up that aligators (unlike crocodiles) won’t attack humans unless provoked. I also learned that there defense mechanism is to open their mouth and hiss at you (that’s before they lunge at you to destroy you). I took that as a sign to break out into a cold sweat, look straight ahead and increase my walking speed without making any sudden movements.

Aligator and sign at Everglades

My dad on the other hand, took that as a sign to take some up-close pictures of the gators before briskly
walking away.

Aligator at Everglades

Adam was a little afraid of the alligators too, but he was happy because they helped him win Scavenger Bingo in his Junior Ranger activity book.

Adam - Junio Ranger

Not everything at the Everglades were scary animals. They also had informational signs pointing out things like poisonous leaves that cause severe rashes and a warning about solution holes.

Solution Holes

If they’re going to warn you about solution holes, they really should give a heads up about what they’re talking about, but that’s just my opinion.

It was nice to get to go on a day-trip together. My family, especially my dad, doesn’t really get to take vacations, so it was pretty special.

Family at Everglades


Family at Everglades

Of course, in typical family-craziness, my sister agreed to a dare to strip down to her bathing suit, in the Everglades. My dad then proceeded to have a photo shoot for what I imagine will ultimately be MySpace (or perhaps FaceBook) photos for Emily.

Emily in Bathing Suit At Everglades

Nobody got eaten by an alligator, so overall a good trip!

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  1. Sister

    That’s the most amazing turtle I’ve ever seen in my liiife! And that’s a cute wee lizard. And that’s a swell picture of an alligator! And Emily’s crazy! XD And I can’t say I know what a solution hole is, either =P

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