We’re Moving!

As those of you who are close to us know, we have been thinking about where to live next. Since our lease is just about up, we figured now is as good a time as any. We were originally planning to stay in the area, but with this past winter and now the warmer weather, we’ve decided to move somewhere more comfortable — Homer, Alaska. It’s just a little south of Anchorage, and somewhere Val can be comfortable not needing to worry about burning up in the sun.

Here’s a picture of the area we’re moving to (from its posting on eBay):

Homer, Alaska

Since we’re leaving in 8 days from today, we didn’t have time to secure our ideal jobs. We’re hoping once we get settled in we can get something better. For now, I’ll be working sorting fish at the local plant and Valerie will working nights at a brothel in Anchorage. I’m not thrilled with sharing her in that way, but we gotta pay rent. Maybe by this time next year we’ll be able to get jobs working on the the ITFA (Internet Tubes for America) project, which is based nearby — If so we’ll be sure to post about it for April Fools 2008.