Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts

Adam taking a peek

My mom wanted to take my brother to the Leonard Bernstein Festival of the Creative Arts at Brandeis today. Apparently she took him last year and had fun, so I joined them this year. She likes the festival for the fun atmosphere, art activities such as with Sidewalk Sam, and just because she likes Leonard Bernstein (I think mostly because of West Side Story).

Sidewalk Sam

Adam was happy because he got to do the first chalk drawing with Sidewalk Sam.

Adam with chalk art

I guess my mom got to do the second one.

Mom and Adam with chalk art

I came a little later and made a bird.

Ian's Bird

There was face painting, but it was busy so they encouraged parents to paint their own kids.

Mom painting Adam

I think Adam was happy with how it came out.

Adam's Face Painted

There were all sort of activities. We saw a marionette show which was actually pretty good and Adam made a clay bowl.

Adam and Mom with clay

There were a few bands there including a guy with a guitar playing fun kid songs, a Hindu-Rock band, and something involving two Brandeis Police cars.

Police Song

I try not to spend all my time at Brandeis, but it was pretty fun.