Ring Size

So, yeah, it is still too big. In the picture below, the ring is the original size. When we were at the jewelry store to have it resized, I was a little concerned because my hands were cold, and I do notice a difference in the size of my fingers depending on the season. But when the lady tried to get a good size, I still felt that the size she chose was too large. “Um, this still feels very loose,” I said. “Oh no, that is just because your hands are cold right now. Once you warm up you will notice a difference.”

Well I still thought it was big. I wear rings all the time, and I prefer them to be tighter rather than looser. Anyway, so we got the ring back, and right away I knew it was too big. It probably needs to be a size smaller still.

I know it is too big, even for the winter, because just the other day, I was taking my jacket off, and as I pulled my arm out of the sleeve, the ring flew off my finger and into the closet. So I had to rummage through my shoes to find it. EEK!

So, if anyone knows where to get little ring inserts that make the ring smaller, let me know. I figure I will use that until the summer, and see if I can get a smaller size then. Because I really don’t want to lose my little sparkle!