Val Day and Mother’s Day

Hi my name is Ian and welcome to today’s edition of “What’s this a picture of?”

Face with waves

Well, for all of you who didn’t wish Valerie a happy birthday, shame on you. I got her some DVDs she’s been wanting plus I took her out for a nice romantic meal. Our waiter was named Lincoln.

The day after Val’s birthday her office threw a birthday brunch for her and a couple other people who have there birthdays in May.

Birthday Banner

As noted in the banner, Caroline did not show up. She missed out as they had fruit and pancakes and eggs and meat things and potato! Val has a co-worker named Amy. I mention this because even Amy’s brother came to their party. Apparently he has some invention called the Quistmobile (something about banana seats on a bike).


I don’t really get it, but he says it’s the only way to ride a bicycle.

On the weekend we continued to celebrate Val plus celebrate our mothers. On Saturday we spent some time with my family. We did some BBQ’ing which was yummy. Val and I took my mom and my brother on their first two geocaches. We found both of them and Adam found a playground.

Adam In Swing

He couldn’t fit on the baby swing though.

On Sunday we went to visit Val’s family. They made some pasta and served up some birthday cake for Val. We gave Val’s mom two orchid’s for mother’s day and she gave Val an orchid for her birthday!

Val's Birthday Orchid

Val’s brother Chris and his girlfriend Ellen came on Sunday too which was great. On the phone Chris said he was bringing the party. That corresponded to him bringing his Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) for Playstation (PS2).

Chris DDR'ing

Val enjoyed watching.

Val Watching

Actually for the first time ever Val tried her hand (her feet?) at DDR! Unfortunately (or fortunately for Val) the picture came out blurry! Ellen was by far the best at DDR (Anyone know how to convert a video from a cell phone in .3g2 format of Ellen DDR’ing into something I could post?).

We then decided to take Val’s siblings and Ellen on their first Geocache! There was one around a nearby school. I’ve been around the area once before, but I didn’t realize how wooded it got as you walked further back.

Wooded Path

It was a nice day so we were enjoying ourselves, but we had to watch our step as it was a little damp in spots due to beaver work.

Beaver Water

We even saw a beaver (well, I only heard its loud splash).

Chris the beaver

Soon we were able to find this geocache too. Yay! Also, Val and Chris found a stick.

Val and Chris

After that we headed back to our home. It was a fun weekend, but busy!