Knitting In Progress

Here are some works-in-progress.

Extra-Long Wrist Warmers

Val is making an extra long pair of wrist warmers for Chris. It is a modification of the wrist warmers from Last-Minute Knitted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. Chris specifically wanted something so he could wear his leather gauntlets when dressing up for King Richard’s Faire. Unfortunately, the gauntlets were not comfortable and hurt his wrists. So, Val decided a nice knitted wrist warmer would do the trick!
Grey Wrist/Arm Warmers (Unfinished)
Extra-long wrist warmers

Trying on the longer wrist warmer
Ian trying on extra-long wrist warmers


Beginning a big project from It’s called a Lizard ridge (afghan) — design by Laura Aylor. It’s made by making twenty squares and attaching them all together, although Valerie wants to use thirty squares! So far, we have one! Like the pattern designer, Val thought this would be a good project to pick up in between the multitudes of other things she wants to knit! (Make some wrist warmers, knit a square. Make a hat, knit a square.)
Val has decided to use Noro Silk Garden for the project, rather than the Noro Kureyon that the project calls for. The reason is the the colors are a bit more subdued, yet still vibrant and deep. The downside is that Silk Garden is a bit more expensive than the Kureyon, so Val can only afford enough for a few squares at a time.
Small square to be part of larger blanket
1/30 squares for a blanket

Ian’s Rectangle

Think knitting is just for the ladies? Think again! Ian’s had a hand a knitting too! He started to make a scarf many months ago. Unfortunately it’s just an unfinished rectangle.

Rectangle or Scarf
Ian’s unfinished rectangle

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